Motorola Olympus Found at Flea Market Poses For Hi-Res Photoshoot

Illustration for article titled Motorola Olympus Found at Flea Market Poses For Hi-Res Photoshoot

Of course, we're never too sure that what our tipsters have told us is the truth, but this one claims he bought Motorola's unannounced new flagship at a market. The very same Android that's leaked all over the place recently.


So far we know the Olympus (model number MB860) is running Android 2.2; has a Tegra 2 chip; looks larger than the Defy; and is said to be heading to AT&T in January.

Our tipster told us that "he bought it not knowing it would power on. apparently by holding volume down and power I was able to access a developers menu with a lot of features, one being a bypass activation screen.
this is a pretty cool phone."

From the photos, we can also ascertain that there's a HDMI port as well as a microUSB port for charging/syncing, and a forward-facing camera. It does look larger than the Defy, as we said before, so that means the screen size is going to be larger than 3.7-inches.

The most important rumored spec of the Olympus is that it's running off a Tegra 2 chip, and so far none of the leaks have been able to prove that. Perhaps we could ask our market-foraging tipster to prise the phone open for us? [Thanks, L!]


Those floors look really nice for someone who shops at a Flea Market. Sounds like Moto is trying to pull a fast one. Plus those are pretty "professional" looking pictures.