Motorola Q Phone Says Buh-Bye to Europe?

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BargainPDA is passing on the rumor (via the French website Mobinaute) that "the Motorola Q has been cancelled in Europe and the only model that will see the light of day is the CDMA version to be released in the US on the Verizon network." You may remember that the Q phone was originally slated for this month, then Motorola announced it would be available for Christmas—but never delivered on the promise. The fate of this phone is anyone's guess, but after getting some hands-on time with it at CES I don't see why Motorola would continue delaying it. Unless, of course, they want to replace the Windows Mobile 5 with that new Linux OS (the one they announced with the ROKR E2), which would be more than fine by me.

Rumor - GSM Version of Motorola Q Cancelled [BargainPDA]


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