Motorola Xoom Tablet Costs $600 With Contract; $800 Without

Boy, tablets cost a fair whack, don't they? $600 on a two-year contract at Verizon, or $800 without—either way, the Motorola Xoom tablet is a few hundred too many for me. Pick one up from Verizon Wireless from this Thursday, along with 1GB of data for $20 monthly. [PRNewswire]

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Agreed, im just not convinced yet with these tablets. I am still way better off with a netbook ($300) and my EVO 4G with wired or wireless teathering. Its cheaper, more usefull and almost as portable. Untill I can get a decent tablet for arround $300 with NO contract (wi-fi only) im not jumping into the tablet world. Its just an expensive toy, not much else.

On that note, the NOOK color still has my attention.