Motorola's Giving Android a Full Makeover, Just Like HTC and Sony

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HTC kicked it off with Sense, and Sony wasn't far behind with Rachael. Now Motorola, with their upcoming "Blur" social-networking-centric Android interface, has confirmed the trend: plain vanilla Android is a thing of the past.

BGR coaxed a few details about the skin/shell/application set/whatever from a Motorola insider:

It will combine all personal contacts and social networking sites into a clean and easy to use interface...The skin/OS is named "Blur" by Motorola and will be heavily web-connected. All Android devices will be able to upgrade different sections of the OS and interface all over the air.


Given how vague and strange the language is, it's hard to glean exactly what to expect, but I get the feeling the reality of Blur will be somewhat familiar: an HTC-Sense-like social networking layer, with custom widgets and a systemwide skin. This concept works for the Hero, and looks fantastic coming from Sony. As for how Motorola will actually execute this, we'll have to wait and see. Hey, guys, when's that Morrison supposed to come out again? [BGR, Image from Phandroid]