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Motorola's Revenues Down 4 Quarters in a Row, May See Early Termination Fees For Ed Zander

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Motorola's revenues were down 19% from a year earlier, reporting a second quarter loss of $28 million. You'd think making the same phone 19 times would guarantee big money, but we guess not! As we said around the RAZR2 launch, the phone is just another RAZR design evolution, not something drastically different enough to make a new flagship phone for Moto.


Plus, it seems like Motorola's more expensive models aren't selling well, and people are happy getting a super-cheap RAZR (or RAZR variant) inside cereal boxes and stuck to the bottom of their shoes. But all this missing of analysts' forecasts four quarters in a row makes things pretty dour for CEO Ed Zander, who just may be replaced for a newer model soon. [MacWorld]