Motorola's Secret Weapon for Its Next Android Phone Is a Complete Edge-to-Edge Screen?

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The Motorola phones that have leaked before its announcement event next week have mostly been varying degrees of meh. Droid Razr somethin' or another who cares. How are they going to make some noise? How about a complete edge-to-edge screen, meaning the entire front of the device is the display? Whoa.

Bloomberg is reporting that the new edge-to-edge screen is going to be the secret weapon Motorola hopes to use to differentiate itself from other stalwart Android phones like the Galaxy S III and HTC One X. Specifically, Bloomberg says:

The model also would be one of the first full-screen phones in the U.S., meaning it uses the entire front of the device as a display. The approach maximizes the screen viewing space by eliminating the black frames or bezels around the display.


If this completely seamless screen is true and real and exists, that would be beyond awesome and mark the beginning of getting rid of the stupid bezels that mar our phones. It'd also help Motorola get out of Boringville Android USA, which is sort of inexplicable given that it was Motorola who kicked off this Android craze and it is Motorola who is owned by freaking Google. Whatever. I want my entire phone to be a screen and I want it now Motorola. [Bloomberg]

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Couple thoughts..

1. Not having a bezel sounds like a usability nightmare.. but I could see using the edge of the screen as a "virtual bezel", where the screen edges would essentially be dead black space (except when watching a video or something like that)..but since Apple "owns" rectangular devices with a bezel, maybe this is necessary.

2. I hope Motorola/Google patent it before Apple "invents" it, and sues them for using it. (and I hope they are offensive about STOPPING Apple from using it if it becomes a desirable feature)