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Moveable Magnetic Shelving Is an Amazing Storage Solution

Illustration for article titled Moveable Magnetic Shelving Is an Amazing Storage Solution

This magnetic storage concept by Benoit Bayol is half art, half practical furniture: neatly arranged on the wall it's reminiscent of a Mondrian painting, but it also offers an incredibly versatile storage solution.


The system—called Magnetic Spirit—uses a patented arrangement of (hopefully very strong) magnets embedded in the walls and storage cubes to defy gravity. What's neat is the way it allows you to swap and change the lay-out of the boxes depending on your mood or requirements. Bayol explains:

The aim of this concept is to create an innovative universe reflecting on a particular project, that of imagining an unconventional style that can be suitable to any individual, the latter becoming its creator because of its extraordinary customizable aspect. Thus was born Magnetic Spirit, an architectural furniture and interior design concept which potential is so great that its limits are invisible.


There are two small downsides, though. First, it's currently a concept with no plans to go into production. Second, and more important: just think how it would screw with your Wi-Fi. [Benoit Bayol via Freshome]

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Finally, a place to store my cassette collection