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Move over, Opera. Mozilla's VP of Engineerring, Mike Schroepfer, has declared that Mozilla plans to finally jump into mobile web and "rock it," as specs on mobile devices are finally hitting where they need to be for a "no compromise" browsing experience.


Specifically, they're announcing that

•Mozilla will add mobile devices to the first class/tier-1 platform set for Mozilla2. This means we will make core platform decisions with mobile devices as first-class citizens.

•We will ship a version of "Mobile Firefox" which can, among other things, run Firefox extensions on mobile devices and allow others to build rich applications via XUL.


Mobile Firefox won't hit until after Firefox 3 is completed, however, and they've yet to determine which mobile platforms they'll support. Still, it'll be interesting to see the game Mozilla brings to the larger mobile space. [schrep's blog via mocoNews]

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