We told you last week about the MSI NX7600GT Diamond Plus card, a VGA graphics card with an HDMI port. This week, the company is crowing about how it's the "world's first HDMI graphics card," but what that really means is it's the first card to pass a compatibility test of the HDMI ATC (Authorized Testing Center). Keep in mind that it's not the first graphics card to have an HDMI port. You'll recall that we showed you the Sapphire Radeon and Asus graphics cards a while back, both of which have HDMI ports.


Maybe these other HDMI-toting cards will soon get the stamp of approval from the ATC, too. Meanwhile, all these cards are going to be a welcome sight to those who want to use a computer as a source in their home theaters, running an HDMI cable from PC to receiver or screen. Here's to HDMI: making things easier, carrying both 5.1 audio and 1080p video right where they need to be, all on one cable.

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