Illustration for article titled MSI U110, U115 Netbooks To Pack Draft-N Wi-Fi, Faster Processors

We've only just been getting excited about MSI's U120 3G-packing netbook, but now it looks like MSI has even more interesting machines just around the corner. Apparently due sometime in January, the U110 and U115 will run Atom Z530 chips, drawing less power than the "typical" N270 netbook processor. And they'll pack a hybrid drive system, with the OS on fast SSD and conventional HDD for user storage. Plus they'll run the Poulsbo US15W chipset instead of the usual Intel 9456G. If that's not interesting enough, there'll also be Draft-N Wi-Fi, and up to 250GB HDD for the U110. The price is unknown, though a guess around $700 seems sensible, given the higher price of the Z520 Atom. [UMPCPortal]


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