Musical Microwave Alerts You With MP3s Instead Of Annoying Beeps

The only thing more annoying than a beeping alarm clock is a beeping microwave. So with help from their ad agency, an Argentinian appliance maker has created a limited edition model that plays MP3s when cooking is complete.


The BGH Quick Chef Music will only be available in limited quantities—ensuring it will fly off the shelves even with an inflated price tag—and features a single USB port on the side for connecting a flash drive full of music.

Details on how you select what file is played, copying MP3s locally, and even volume control are a little sparse since the microwave won't be available until sometime in 2012. But I can confirm the idea is completely awesome, particularly if it lets you specify what song is played depending on what's being cooked. And why stop at microwaves? There are ovens, washers, dryers, dishwashers and even toaster ovens that are just as annoying. [BGH via OhGizmo! via Technabob]



All that money just to eliminate about five seconds of beeping. Is it really THAT annoying?