My Birthday Wishes For 2008

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I'm still traveling, and today on the beach in Ipanema, I got into a bit of an argument with the tide, which swept me out a bit. I waved to friends for a bit of help and they just waved back, I think. (Had already lost both contacts at this point, so couldn't see.) I made it back to shore by swimming parallel to the beach to weaker currents and planting my tippy toes in the sand when the tide pulled back out, and making it back in slowly. The Sea is mighty, even on a leisurely beach day! I'm not supposed to be posting, but I figured I'd pop in to do my usual birthday wishes.


- A reinvention of the TiVo box that doesn't associate so strongly with cable and broadcast TV.
- BlackBerry to know we mean them no harm and to actually work with blogs.
- For writers around the world and at Giz to stop picking on Motorola and Microsoft without due cause. I mean, the RAZR is a decent phone, even it's not in style anymore. And Bill Gates is curing the malaria epidemic! I guess OLPC needs a reprieve, too. But not as much as Microsoft.
- Apple iPhone, three fricking words for you: Cut, Copy, Paste. And reception. And Video. (That's 7, I guess.)
- True unlimited plans for international data roaming from cellphone carriers. They could just trade credit instead of gouging each other and passing the price rape onto travelers.
- Cable to go a la carte or die. Glad all the really good TV is available on IP anyhow.
- The new 3G iPhone's power management to be smart enough to turn off HSDPA during simple email DLs.
- I like the Apple TV's ability to transfer purchases and rentals to my iPhone and laptop; wish it played DivX.
- Really, really, really kick-ass Android implementations that have major differences in software. And not just stores to sell apps/ringtones/games/wallpapers, you greedy carrier son of a bitches.
- Mac support for the really well-made Zune hardware/firmware/software.
- Waterproof/rugged/outdoor cameras with appropriately beefy straps.
- Firefly Season 2?
- Microsoft's E&D culture and process spreading through the company!
- To be cast as an extra in some nerdy movie or show. I'll be an ensign, or one of the Others! Or a guest appearance in a Pogue video. They're so good!
- Wired blogs to get their own URLs.
- Palm to do a really cool consumer OS they can brag about.
- Windows Vista: XP Edition. (Made with not more code, but with a Machete)
- Engadget links to Giz.
- Psystar to magically get their shit together (technically and legally) and make a good run at the alternative Mac market.
- For the winter: A bountiful snow season come next winter and a 2009 bi-turbo Audi S4 with the 4 wheel vector Quattro system. Snow plow! And a lib tech Banana snowboard.
- Wii Fit to acknowledge that I am not overweight, I just have big legs.
- Apple Keynote secrets that stay secret until their proper unveiling.
- For peace between Giz and CEA. (Lots of entertaining questions about the prank coming from the Brazilian press on this trip.)
- Proper swimming lessons.

I think my list was a lot longer last year, but I think that after almost drowning today, I'm just glad to be breathing, glad to have great readers like you all, smart and entertaining writers and a job I like enough to engage in on my day off. And hey, I'm on a beach in Brazil, so it's hard to think about tech. Life ain't bad.



Firefly.......Season 2.

BLAM, your words speak from the beating hearts of gizmosciphiles everywhere.