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Chances are you have files stored all over the internet—some in Dropbox, a few in Google Drive, and so forth. Western Digital has new cloud storage system out today called My Cloud that can help you consolidate your photos, videos, and other documents.

My Cloud is basically what we've come to expect from these type of management systems. Set up and download the drive, then you can connect all of your devices to it. The system works over USB 3.0, so offloading files should be pretty quick. From there, you can manage your files from both an Android and iOS app, or from the desktop client. And it also works like a little entertainment center—you can stream movies and TV shows from the system to DLNA-compatible DVD players and set-top boxes.


My Cloud comes in 2TB and 3TB models, available from starting today for $150 and $180. A 4TB version is coming in November for $250.

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