My Hero Academia's New Trailer Goes All Out

War? What is it good for? Traumatizing child soldiers on both sides!

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Promo poster for My Hero Academia season 6, featuring the series' main characters.
Image: Toho Animation

Next month, My Hero Academia will begin airing season six, and it’s shaping up to be a big one. Deku and the rest of the 1-A kids are part of a larger effort by Japan’s heroes to finally put an end to the League of Villains and their leader Tomura Shigaraki. But as is the case with trying to bring down Overhaul in season four, it’ll be easier said than done.

TOHO Animation released a new trailer for the new season that serves to both debut the season’s new opening song (“Hitamuki” by SUPER BEAVER) and hype up what’s to come. On both fronts, the trailer does its job pretty well: whether you know what’s in store for the season or are coming in blind, it looks like the action-packged goodness that MHA has been able to consistently deliver for years now. And the new opening sounds pretty good, but what’ll make or break it will be how it pairs with the opening’s visuals.

『僕のヒーローアカデミア』6期PV第3弾/10.1(土)放送開始/OP:「ひたむき」SUPER BEAVER

My Hero Academia keeps getting bigger and more stressful with each season, and the “Liberation War” arc is some of the series’ biggest, most stressful stuff to date. This season looks to be like the third act to superhero movies released within the last decade, and with double the destruction, given all of the superpowers and other weirdness on hand. But in those movies, it’s been very easy for the plot to get lost amidst the explosions. My Hero’s anime adaptation has generally been pretty good about keeping the characters in the center, even at its most bombastic. With how critical this arc is for multiple characters on an emotional level, here’s hoping the season doesn’t lose its way.


Season six of My Hero Academia will start airing on Crunchyroll beginning on October 1.

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