Myka ION HD Player Is the First To Deliver Both Hulu and Boxee

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You may remember Myka from their BitTorrent player, but now they are bringing Hulu, Boxee and NVIDIA ION graphics to the table with the Myka ION.


Apparently, Myka goes beyond Hulu and Boxee allowing you to run other full PC applications like XBMC and "browse to any web site and play video content directly onto your TV." Thre is no mention of BitTorrent with this version, but given the fact it runs on Ubuntu Linux, it seems plausible. The base model ION is available now for $379 (Wireless-N and Blu-ray add ons bring it to $644) which only goes further in proving my point about these quasi-PC streaming set-top-boxes. Why would you spend $400 or more on what is essentially a Linux HTPC branded like a set-top-box, when you can buy full-fledged HTPCs for far less money?

Want Boxee and Hulu to play in high-def on your TV? Meet Myka ION

LINCOLN, Mass., Nov. 5, 2009 — Myka, makers of the magic box that downloads and streams high-definition videos onto your TV, is introducing the Myka ION — the first Web-to-TV product that can easily run Boxee, Hulu and other leading Internet video services.

Myka ION is powered by the Intel Atom Processor 330 and NVIDIA ION Graphics Processor, giving Myka ION fast media-player performance at a low cost.

Myka ION lets you browse to any Web site and play video content directly onto your TV — bypassing your PC entirely. No messing with conversion software, no tinkering with anything. Plug it in and it starts working right away.

"Technology has finally caught up with what consumers want out of Internet video services," said Myka President Dan Lovy. "They want to be freed from their computers and watch the growing variety of Web video content on their large-screen, high-definition living room TVs. And they want to do it without a lot of hassle and without video quality suffering.

"We've heard them loud and clear and we're proud to present the Myka ION, the first product to take advantage of the latest processor technology and finally give Web video consumers what they want."

The Intel and NVIDIA processors do all the heavy lifting, such as video encoding/decoding during playback, resulting in seamless, high-quality content beamed directly to your TV. The Myka ION is actually a mini-PC in itself.

With the Myka ION, you don't need to do any work to figure out how to get a downloaded video to actually play on your TV. With a wide range of file formats supported, you don't need to think about it at all. Just plug it in and enjoy.



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Well, the why's pretty easy—it's for people who are afraid of media PCs.

I wonder how it will handle things when Hulu goes pay (::sob::) #mykaion