Mysterious “Shellphone” Device Expected to Arrive this Month

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Rumor has it that a new phone is about to hit the market, and it's expected to make a big splash. While there is very little confirmed information available about the tentatively-named "Shellphone," several well-placed sources are confirming the launch of a device within weeks. The phone is said to run on the brand-new "Sea G" network. Most recently, images (including the one pictured above) have surfaced and appear show to the device's packaging. And while no one is actually clear as to what that means, various sources are buzzing that the new "Shellphone" is going to transform the industry.

One insider, who asked to be referred to only as T. Howell III, said in a private email, "There has been much speculation that the Shellphone's revolutionary new roaming experience will be available to consumers in early 2012. Additionally we expect to see a huge response to the Shellphone given that it's been a while since anything this big has hit the market." When pressed for further information, T. Howell III promised to address our questions after his return from a short boat tour. Howell has since been unavailable for comment.

No immediate word on what company is behind the new device, but an announcement is expected on 12/19*. Updates forthcoming as more info on the "Shellphone" and its "Sea G" network are received.

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