MyWay GPS For Your Cellphone

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For those of you who actually leave your house on occasion, traveling to strange and unfamiliar destinations where getting lost is part of the itinerary, MyWay may prove to be a useful addition to your bag o' tricks. It's a GPS navigational system for phones running Symbian Series 60, including Sony Ericsson's P910. MyWay exchanges data with the cellphone via Bluetooth, letting users download maps of their current location. The system also comes with a 512MB memory card that's preloaded with all sorts of goodies, namely road maps (!).

Additionally, similar MyWay systems can be obtained from Tracker that work in all sorts of wacky locations: a dog's collar to find Fido when he's gotten himself lost (again); your child's belt so you always know where he is, you concerned parent; and to your no-doubt expensive car, in case some evildoer steals it.


Tracker's MyWay retails for €350 in Europe. We'll let you know if a distributor picks it up for a release Stateside.

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