Nalu Cellphone Concept: When Multiple Interfaces Attack

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The Nalu concept cellphone attempts to address the problem of too many different interfaces getting in the way of functionality. (Since no one has figured that out yet, I suppose.) It combines a phone, media player and text input (for e-mail and text messages), each with their own distinctive interface... which is exactly the problem.


Why would I want to fold out this big adult diaper looking thing on the street? How is that any easier or more intuitive than fidgeting with T9 or one of those phones with a flip out keyboard, like the Sidekick or LG enV? I'll concede that it looks nice when closed (and we could use more gray-colored electronics for a change... not everything has to be black), but otherwise it looks too cumbersome to use on-the-go. Maybe if you sit at a desk all day it could work, but I live a very active life; I can't be expected to be near a coffee table all day where I can set this thing down upon.

Nalu Origami Mobile Communicator [My iPhone]



That was a cool animation - do the pieces really come apart like that? That would be very unhandy.

Otherwise, I can see this having promise - if it's about the size of the LG enV, when folded open it would have a decent sized keyboard. Flipped the other way, the music controls are handy - so long as it keeps playing music when you fold it back up. (Watch out, though. it's got some controls in a circular shape, so it's probably some cheap iPod clone & they'll soon be sued. /sarcasm)