As you know, our comments recently got overhauled to allow you to contribute and make commenting pages of your own. Now we're making an entirely new section just for you guys to talk. And we want you to name it.

Which comment tag would you like to have your discussions under? For example, we have lots of tips under the tips tag, and that's the way the forum tag is going to look. A couple ideas that could work are #jibberjabber and #discussion, but we wanted to make it open to YOU, since YOU are the ones that are going to be using it.

So give some suggestions in the comments. Try and make it tech themed, since this is Gizmodo after all.


Update: We need more entries for this, so keep them coming. And keep it semi-serious, since you know we won't name our chat section something super absurd. Oh, and stay away from chatmodo. We don't want to make everything we do *modo.

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