Nano-SIMs Given Official Approval to Replace Micro-SIMs in Cellphones

Remember nano-SIM cards? The ones which make micro-SIMs look gargantuan and are so small that it's almost like what's the point? Well they've just been approved by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, which means at some point in the future, they'll likely be in your smartphone.

According to The Verge, the new design is 40 percent smaller than the current microSIMs, and is designed in such a way as to allow backwards compatibility with existing devices. Of course, this didn't conclude without a spot of controversy. Apple, a proponent of this evolution, had wanted their own design spec to become the official one. But handset makers such as Motorola, RIM and Nokia objected, and came up with a compromise design of their own; a design that would become the final spec.


So, who else is looking forward to that frustrating moment a few years from now when we lose our SIM cards while trying to swap phones? [ETSI via The Verge via MacRumors]

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