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Nanofiber Underwear Burns Fat...Literally?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A new nanofiber underwear burns fat just by wearing it. But given the premise, it must chafe a bit.

From Japan chemical company Teijin, the underwear is woven from 700-nanometer ultra fine polyester that the company calls Nanofront. Originally used for industrial polishing, the fabric is soft to the skin but apparently causes enough friction in daily tasks that, when worn as an undergarment for 40 days, can successfully lower body fat by "several percent."


Maybe it works, forcing your body to burn more calories by putting forth more effort for every movement, but I have a feeling that it feels like corduroy raping velcro every time you take a step. Seriously, your thighs will start a fire faster than Bear Grylls. [Nikkei via CrunchGear]