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NASA Image Gallery Brings All Your Favorite Space Photos Under One Roof

Illustration for article titled NASA Image Gallery Brings All Your Favorite Space Photos Under One Roof

Ever come across a gorgeous Hubble image, or an article showing some of NASA’s cool new Mars lander tech, and wish you could remember where those lovely photos live? Rejoice, space nerds: NASA is making your life easier than ever, with the launch of a new mega gallery where you can browse all of the space agency’s astronomical eye candy.


The NASA Images collection, built and unveiled last week by Luna Imaging, combines over 70 NASA Image galleries into a single, searchable source. These includes familiar collections such as NASA’s Image of the Day Gallery and the Jet Propulsion Image Gallery, but also plenty of obscure treasures. In total, the collection contains over 100 thousand photographs that range from historic documentation of the Apollo moon missions to the latest shots of distant quasars by the Hubble Space Telescope.

“We envision that NASA Images will appeal to space fans, STEM educators, visual resource fans, archive fans, people who appreciate open collections,” a Luna spokesperson told Gizmodo in an email. “We’ve already had some interest in the site from people with GIS and geospatial interests because of the satellite imagery the collection includes.”


As someone who loves to write about space and to simply enjoy new images of the great beyond, I find this to be a splendid idea. Here’s the link one more time, now off with you, you’ve got things to discover!

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Top image via NASA

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Fun fact: the lead photo is of astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the moon in 1969. Only a few photos of Neal Armstrong on the moon exist; Neal had the camera almost all the time and took almost all the pictures. This is one of the few: