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Hey, so, have you heard your iPhone is also a really, truly good turn-by-turn navigation device? Because with the pricey-but-probably-worth-it Navigon, it is.

There's a lot to chew on in the space, and before you drop a hundred bucks on an iPhone app I suggest you take a gander at Wilson's extensive breakdown of the three forerunners. In short, though, Navigon is a dependable option, with the cleanest interface of the lot, but no easy way to get a full route overview. It stores its content locally, so data connectivity isn't a worry.




From the App Developers: With the NAVIGON MobileNavigator you can transform your iPhone into a fully functional mobile navigation system that is every bit as good as the multi-award-winning personal navigation devices from NAVIGON in terms of its user-friendliness and features.

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Generally a decent implementation, within the limits of what the iPhone allows anyway. Very nice lane guidance displays. Does a decent job of pronouncing street names. Reroutes automatically.

The negatives are mostly iPhone issues. The volume can be a little low. Its hard to juggle multiple tasks—taking a call kicks you out of the application (it resumes if you finish your call and relaunch, but you don't get any guidance during the call); and you can't easily control your music playback while in the application. Also it doesn't automatically figure out its in horizontal mode unless you switch it sideways AFTER you start the application. Which is pretty stupid. Not sure that one is Apple's fault.

The database of POIs seemed a little old, but that's my impression of ALL GPS databases. A Hertz rental car location at the airport which had moved some time ago was incorrect. Etc. The usual stuff. Plus the usual stuff where you have to pick the category before you can find something—so which of the 7 or more categories they have 7-ELEVEN stores in should I guess the one near me is in? And I didn't see an obvious way to transfer a location from Google maps to this app, which would alleviate this somewhat.

Still, all in all, a very decent implemenation.