Navigon's New 5100 Max, 2090S GPS Units Get 2 Years of Free Map Updates

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Navigon's just popped out a pair of new GPS units: the 5100 max and 2090S. Both these navigation aids are coming with a FreshMaps package in the purchase price—that means eight free map updates over a two-year period, and no excuse for getting lost because the roads have been re-designed since you last updated your GPS maps (like I never do, since it costs me). The big 5100 max has a 4.3-inch widescreen and has free real-time Traffic Updates for life, while the smaller 2090s has a conventional 3.5-inch display and more basic functionality. Both however use Navigon's Lane Assistant Pro and Reality View technology for better lane awareness at junctions, and the units are exclusively on sale at Radioshack for $200 and $300. Press release below.

CHICAGO, November 3, 2008 — NAVIGON, the leading innovator in the navigation market, and RadioShack, one of the nation's most experienced consumer electronics specialty retailers, today announced that the new NAVIGON 5100 max and NAVIGON 2090S GPS devices will be sold exclusively at RadioShack stores and through Both products offer a list of advanced and exclusive features, are based on NAVIGON’s newest generation of fast and easy to use software, and offer regular map updates with NAVIGON FreshMaps. The elegantly designed NAVIGON 5100 max features an extra-wide 4.3” touchscreen display and Free Real-Time Traffic Updates for Life. Based on NAVIGON’s newest generation of fast and easy-to-use software, both the NAVIGON 5100 max and NAVIGON 2090S come with Reality View™ Pro, Lane Assistant Pro, Advanced Text-to-Speech guidance announcing directions and street names, and DirectHelpSM which provides directions to nearby emergency service providers including hospitals, pharmacies and road-side help — all at the touch of a button. Both provide up to eight regular map updates with NAVIGON FreshMaps, over a $50 value if purchased alone. "NAVIGON’s 5100 max and 2090S units offer the unmatched navigation experience and unique feature set that has come to be associated with NAVIGON products,” said Michael Roach, NAVIGON’s President for the Americas. “We are proud to work with RadioShack on this exclusive partnership and commend RadioShack’s dedication to offering its customers the latest technology and innovation.” The NAVIGON 2090S and NAVIGON 5100 max are available exclusively at RadioShack stores and online at The products retail for $199.99 and $299.99, respectively. The NAVIGON 5100 max features include: • Free Real-Time Traffic Updates for Life. Real-time traffic updates allow routing around congestion by including traffic flow, incidents and alternate routes and works for the lifetime of the product out-of-the-box without any fees or additional hardware. • NAVIGON FreshMaps: Keeps your NAVIGON 5100 max as up-to-date as it was on the day you bought it with up to eight quarterly map updates spanning two years. • Extra-wide 4.3” touchscreen display with 16:9 aspect ratio • Reality View™ Pro. Never miss an exit again with the next generation of Reality View providing more coverage in more places. Reality View Pro displays 3D views with road sign text and lane guidance for virtually every highway interchange and exit. • Lane Assistant Pro. Helps drivers prepare to make an upcoming exit or turn by providing clear visual lane guidance. NAVIGON’s second generation of Lane Assistant provides a lane map complete with arrows and actual road geometry. • Bluetooth® Hands-Free. The integrated Bluetooth® feature helps keep both hands on the wheel while still staying connected. The NAVIGON 5100 max acts like a Bluetooth speakerphone to hold hands-free conversations. Contacts are easily downloaded for one-touch calling. • Advanced Text-to-speech. Lets drivers keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road with advanced phonetic text-to-speech technology to ensure proper pronunciation of streets. • Fast Destination Entry. The latest generation of NAVIGON software makes entering and finding information fast and simple. NAVIGON’s SmartSpeller feature helps guiding through the entry process. • Exit Guide. NAVIGON’s Exit Guide enables users to search upcoming exits for one of six POI categories – food, gas, lodging, rest areas, auto service or shopping. And, with one click, the NAVIGON 5100 max navigates there. • Top-Notch Performance. NAVIGON’s new software gets to the right route in less time. Our new platform delivers our most responsive interface to date with dramatically improved route calculation times to get directions more quickly. The NAVIGON 2090S features include: • Reality View™ Pro • Advanced Text-to-speech • NAVIGON FreshMaps • Lane Assistant Pro • Fast Destination Entry with latest generation of software • DirectHelpSM • 3.5” touchscreen display



i've had a 2100max for about a year. its a pretty nice GPS.. like it better than the garmin's and tomtom's..

the reality view and lane assist are great! streetsigns pop up on the freeways as they actually are on the road.

i'm guessing the diff between 2100max and 5100max is bluetooth calling and the free freshmaps. or amazon will most likely have these for around $199-$249 soon.