Nazi Werewolf Gals Spread The Pure Blood Word Through Comic

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Strap on your topless suspenders and gas masks, Project Pure Wolf is getting it's own comic book. You may remember these busty German broads as one of the fake trailers that aired during Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse double feature. According to Rob Zomibie's myspace blog the Werewolf Women of the S.S. shall be splattered across the panels of an upcoming comic book, but no news on who will be writing, illustrating or even the publisher. But hopefully we can finally get to the bottom of Nicolas Cage's crazy cameo as Fu Manchu. Click through for the original trailer and one more trailer that begs for a full length feature.

I'm all for the Werewolf ladies turning into a comic but why stop there? These crazy gals and their werewolf feeding Nazi den of booze and singing deserve more screen time. Who doesn't want to see the naked masked Nazi ladies of death camp 13, let alone the crazy experimentation that went into making a "pure" wolf person.

But while were looking back at the Grindhouse fake trailers I think we need to note Eli Roth's Thanksgiving clip as well. "You'll come home from the holidays in a body bag," is by far one of the top all time tag lines in horror movies. What petition do I need to start to get that film made?


NSFW trailers for Nazi Werewolves, Don't and Thanksgiving.