The 2012 Summer Olympics are just around the corner and chances are you'll be at work while many of the events are going on live. And nobody likes watching sports that aren't live, right?. That's why NBC just released their official app for the games, which will give you access to every second of every event.

Developed in conjunction with Adobe, the NBC Olympics Live Extra app is pretty straightforward and once you login with your cable TV account (yep, you have to have cable to use this just like every other TV app ugh ugh ugh), you're presented with a selection of events that's separated by sport, and presented with notifiers to let you know which events are going on live. Even better is the fact that you're not limited to a single feed for broad sports such as gymnastics or track and field where many different events are going on at once. Want to only watch the pommel horse events or the hammer throw? The app will provide feeds that only focus on those specific events.


The big sadface here is that you can't push these feeds to your Apple TV via AirPlay, or stream the video via Google TV, but I guess that shouldn't come as a huge surprise either given the politics and contractual agreements that come with the TV territory. NBC is also releasing an app simply titled NBC Olympics that will serve up highlights, results, schedules, and "second screen content" like trivia and Olympics-specific social media feeds. Both are available now in the iOS App Store and Google Play. [Adobe]