Details of David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman pilot are leaking out, revealing all of the nips and tucks Diana Prince went through to be a relatable heroine of 2011.

Spoilers ahead!

According to Bleeding Cool, the first site to get their hands on the pilot, "It's a slightly goofy comedy-drama about a hotshot business woman who moonlights as a superheroine, packed with Girl Power pop-songs and including the awkward phrase You go, girl."


The first big change for Wonder Woman is her "secret identities." The superhero won't just have one alter ego — she's got two! Sometimes she's Diana Prince, a mild-mannered Clark Kent-y character with glasses and her hair up. But sometimes she's Diana Themyscyra, "the head of Themiscyra industries." But while nobody knows she's Diana Prince, almost everybody knows that Ms. Themyscyra is really Wonder Woman. Much like Tony Stark in Iron Man 2.

Diana spends much of the pilot "pining" for Steve Trevor (who crash-landed on her island, just like in the comics) like "like Carrie for Big." Myndi Mayer, a character from the comics, is reinvented as Diana's BFF. Wonder Woman spends her time saving lives and fighting her evil scientist nemesis Veronica Cale. But the heroine, whose bulletproof bracelets and lasso are still in the picture, really loves to spend her time singing along with the radio. Bleeding Cool notes that there are copious pop song music cues.


And finally, when Wonder Woman isn't fighting injustice of singing you can find her with her bestie Mayer at an ice cream filled sleep over. So yeah — very Ally McBeal, with a dash of NBC's Bionic Woman. Would you watch this show?

More details at the link. [Bleeding Cool]