Nearly a Million Photographs Were Taken to Make This Unforgettable Timelapse

If you have any hopes of ever creating a timelapse video better than photographer Keith Loutit’s The Lion City II - Majulah, you better start snapping photos soon because it took Keith over three years to capture the nearly one million photographs used to create this incredible video.


By the time it was complete, Keith was left with 10 terabytes of photos and footage to back up, for what ended up being a four-and-a-half minute short film. It sounds like overkill, but you’ve almost certainly never seen a timelapse video this breathtaking before.

[Vimeo via PetaPixel]

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Good god. Some really cool effects I haven’t really seen before.

Ok, I just looked at some of his other videos and I’m having a hard time wondering why anyone else even bothers. His stuff is that good.