Netac Technology OnlyDisk U220: World's Smallest Secure USB Drive?

Now we're getting really little, where Netac Technology says its OnlyDisk U220 is the world's smallest USB flash drive with built-in security. And they're not kidding about that claim of smallness, it weighs a half an ounce and it's just 2 inches tall, yet the highest-capacity OnlyDisk stores 2GB of your most important locked-up stuff. It's so small, it seems like it would be easy to lose.

However, if you're working with the CIA, or with some secretive company—and what company isn't secretive lately—carry this baby around and don't worry about losing it. It offers extra confidence, too, because its security protocol is hardwired rather than through software like most drives of this type. Pricing for the 512MB, 1GB and 2GB versions runs $44, $55 and $92.


World's Smallest, Most Secure USB Flash Drive [Bios Magazine]

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