Netflix and Dark Horse Join Forces for More Films and Shows Like Umbrella Academy

Ellen Page in Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy.
Ellen Page in Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy.
Photo: Christos Kalohoridis (Netflix)

Are you ready for a perfect storm? Because Netflix is coming at you like a Dark Horse. The streaming network has announced it’s entering a first look deal with Dark Horse Entertainment, opening the door for adaptations of some of the company’s most iconic comic books.


Netflix announced in a press release that Dark Horse agreed to give the subscription service a first look at its graphic novels for both film and TV adaptations, and are already discussing future projects. Of course the two companies have already worked together on a couple of things, like The Umbrella Academy and Jonas Åkerlund’s Polar, and Netflix has been working with comic writer Mark Millar on his own “universe” for some time.

In a statement, Netflix’s vice president of original content Cindy Holland said it’s part of an effort to pursue comic book adaptations that aren’t limited to the world of superheroes. This should come as no surprise, considering Disney canceled its Marvel shows on the streaming network.

“The Netflix teams are already working in deep collaboration with Dark Horse to identify projects beyond the world of traditional superheroes—branching into horror, fantasy and family entertainment,” Holland said.

The press release didn’t say which properties could be adapted next, but there are plenty of interesting possibilities. The Mask, for example, is one of Dark Horse’s earliest and most famous series. It was turned into a goofy but lovable comedy starring Jim Carrey, but the original comics have a dark and violent edge that a new adaptation could do wonders with. There’s also Frank Miller’s Sin City, the superhero/sci-fi hybrid Nexus, Emily the Strange, and more.

Let us know if there are any Dark Horse titles you’d like to see Netflix adapt.

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I would love it if we got a B.P.R.D. series on Netflix. It wouldn’t even need Hellboy in it — just have Kate Corrigan be in charge.

As for other works, the problem is that a lot of the stuff is owned by the creators, not Dark Horse themselves. For example, I would love a Fear Agent series, but Rick Remender is currently publishing it through Image and not Dark Horse like before. Ghost would be a nice book to adapt. A great cyberpunk satire would be Give Me Liberty and the other Martha Washington books by Frank Miller (yes, Frank Miller wrote some great satire). Harrow County would be good, although it looks like Universal already grabbed that up for an adaptation.

But, honestly, the best thing I think they should adapt would be Grendel. Now there would be an epic — each season would jump ahead in time until it would take place in the far future taking a look at the cycle of violence.