Netflix Arrives to Turn the Google Nest Hub Into the Most Useful Device in Your Kitchen

Illustration for article titled Netflix Arrives to Turn the Google Nest Hub Into the Most Useful Device in Your Kitchen
Photo: Andrew Liszewski - Gizmodo

With quick access to recipes and measurement conversions at your beck and call, Google’s Nest Hub has found a home in most user’s kitchens. Now, for those times when you’re stuck cleaning up after a big meal, Google is introducing Netflix support, turning its screen-enabled smart hubs into the perfect kitchen TV.


Available starting today for both the Google Nest Hub and larger Nest Hub Max, users will be able to login with their Netflix accounts (you already need to be a paid subscriber) and stream shows and movies. As with the other video apps already available on the Nest Hubs like YouTube, Hulu, and Sling TV, Netflix can be opened using voice commands and navigated using the touchscreen, or a specific show can be immediately played by simply asking for it by name.

Basic hands-free gestures are also being implemented at launch, although they currently appear to be limited to pausing playback by looking at the Nest Hub’s camera and raising your hand, and resuming playback by lowering it again. Why the world’s most popular video streaming service was so late to hit the Nest Hub is unknown—it’s not like the company hasn’t been serving up videos to small screen devices like smartphones and tablets already—but for those of us who grew up with the guilty pleasure of watching morning cartoons during breakfast, the Nest Hub devices are now the perfect alternative to awkward meal conversations.



I guess what’s missing is a battery on these so I can take it from its place on the kitchen counter to the breakfast table so I can reproduce my experience of reading the back of the cereal box while I’m having a bowl.

I know you can do that with your phone now, but it doesn’t match the large size of the cereal box and I don’t always want to run and get my tablet if this is already in the kitchen with me.

Maybe the next version can be a split device with a large base that has a big speaker, for the bass. This would have the charging cradle for the removable tablet screen.