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Netflix Is Letting Some Users Edit Their 'Continue Watching' Sections

Illustration for article titled Netflix Is Letting Some Users Edit Their Continue Watching Sections
Image: Robert Sullivan/AFP (Getty)

Netflix appears to have quietly rolled out a feature to let Android users edit their “continue watching” sections—a feature that, quite frankly, should be available across all streaming services with this designated row.


When clicking on a title from the “continue watching” navigation section on the homepage, Android users should see an option to “remove from row” at the very bottom of the list, the Verge first reported Tuesday. This was not an option for iOS or desktop users as of Wednesday morning, but the Verge reported iPhone users should start seeing the option in their Netflix apps on June 29.

Illustration for article titled Netflix Is Letting Some Users Edit Their Continue Watching Sections
Image: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)

Netflix did not immediately return a request for comment about the feature and its applications across all devices. The company does occasionally test features that it doesn’t always roll out broadly, as with its shuffle mode tools it’s tested on Android in the past.

We’ll update as soon as we hear back from the company. Fingers crossed this one sticks around so we can all stop seeing Too Hot to Handle at the top of our feeds.

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I wish there were more options for organizing the movies and shows on your list. They have an option to move something to the top of your list, but not to the bottom, which would be handy if you watch something, don’t want to take it off your list entirely, but don’t want to have to scroll past it all the time to get to stuff you haven’t watch. On the web browser version it’s a pain in the butt to do this, because you have to manually drag it, and every time you release it refreshes the page and you have to scroll back down to where you moved it to continue moving.

Or ways to look through your list by category, or have your own custom-named lists. Like if I’m in the mood for something animated, or a sci-fi movie, I wouldn’t have to dig through the other 200 items I have in my list.