Netflix Is Making a Version Just for Kids

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According to GigaOm, Netflix is testing a new kid-friendly UI. They're organizing videos by cartoon characters and stripping as much text as they possibly can. That way, kids can just click on Blue from Blue's Clues or Hello Kitty to watch their favorite shows.

It's all accessible by clicking the 'Just for Kids' tab. Once you're in the kid zone, an omnipresent side-scrolling bar displays characters of popular children's TV shows. And because kids don't like to read (totally generalizing, I know), they just show a screenshot of an episode with minimal text. It's only in testing right now but I'm sure my little niece and nephews would love it. [GigaOM]

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Sounds awesome and all but my 3 year old already manages to find his favorite cartoon shows when he sneaks away my iPad in the mornings.

He's found a love for a cartoon called Voltron. Never seen it myself.