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Netflix Max: A New Recommendation Engine That Talks Back

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Well, this is out of left field. Today Netflix is rolling out a new recommendation system for PlayStation 3 owners called Max. He'll help "you find something great to watch in a fun, conversational way."

So, PlayStation 3 owners will receive suggestions from Max in one of three (maybe four) ways. The first of which involves a short interrogation about what mood you're in and your tastes, and then using the existing predictive algorithms to come to a suggestion. The next is what Netflix is calling the "ratings game," wherein you pick a genre and then rate a handful of movies. (Don't they already do this one?) Another little game Max likes to play forces you to pick between two very different genres and the last promises to be a surprise, literally.


If all goes well and Max actually works, Netflix says they'll expand the service to more users in the coming weeks and expand to the iPad next. We'll see how this goes. Let us know! [Netflix]