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Netflix Streaming Video Is 20 Percent of Peak US Internet Traffic

Illustration for article titled Netflix Streaming Video Is 20 Percent of Peak US Internet Traffic

A recent study says that 20 percent of all downstream internet traffic during peak times in the US is Netflix streaming. No wonder Netflix is considering disc-less, streaming-only subscriptions.


The stat, though surprisingly high (we assume the other 80 percent is porn, torrents and Kyle FaceTiming himself), shows why Netflix is aggressively pushing into streaming, even at the expense of its disc catalog. For new releases from a bunch of major studios, Netflix users will have to wait a month to rent the discs. This, in exchange for slowly building a better streaming library.


There's no doubt a disc-free future lies ahead for Netflix—once bandwidth catches up with reality—and with stats like this one, they must be even more excited than the rest of us. [Multichannel, MediaMemo]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I'm somewhat surprised at this number. It seems awfully high, especially considering there are probably many subscribers who don't stream at all.