Netflix's Dark Throws More Confusing Fuel on the Fire in a New Trailer

Oh shit, now there’s multiple worlds.
Image: Netflix (YouTube)

Oh, you thought Netflix’s Dark was content with 40 years of convoluted, interwoven time travel narratives? Why not add a second reality to that? In the first full trailer for the final season of German series Dark, the village of Winden starts seeing double—as it turns out, time travel isn’t the only apocalyptic thing on the menu.


Dark takes place in a small village that sits on top of a wormhole. Over the course of several decades, the lives and secrets of four families are intertwined, exposing their biggest fears, darkest desires, and greatest acts of good and evil. And that’s not even getting into the apocalyptic future that awaits them, and possibly the rest of humanity. However, as the trailer puts it, that’s only the beginning.

It turns out that there’s at least one other parallel world in this series, existing alongside the one we’ve come to know over the past two seasons. In that reality, Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari) seems to have taken the place of her love interest—the show’s time-traveling protagonist, Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann)—which challenges everything we’ve come to know about Dark and the people who inhabit its world. Because if there is one thing fans of Dark needed, it was more things to confuse them.

Dark’s final season debuts on June 27. Get your notebooks ready.

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Miss Gradenko

I love this show. I describe it to the uninitiated as the result of a three-way between It, Stranger Things, and Broadchurch..

So that said, it’s 99 years of history, yeah? Everything in 33 year cycles, we’ve gone back two and forward one from Jonas’ starting point.

They teased the parallel universe at the end of season 2. I mean, of course, because where do you go next?

I mighta been skeptical but now I’m so ramped up.