Netflix's New Adventure Film Shares More than a Few Links to The Goonies

The stars of Finding ‘Ohana in a very familiar looking pose.
The stars of Finding ‘Ohana in a very familiar looking pose.
Photo: Netflix

At this point, a sequel to The Goonies seems unlikely. What’s more likely would be some sort of modernized remakeand if that happened, it just might look like Finding ‘Ohana.


Directed by Jude Weng and written by Christina Strain, Finding ‘Ohana is a Netflix original movie about a family forced to leave their New York life to help their grandfather in Hawaii. Thankfully, the family’s youngest daughter uncovers a clue to a mysterious treasure that might be able to save her family home. Sort of like how, in 1985, a kid in Oregon uncovered a clue to a mysterious treasure that ultimately saved his family home. And if you aren’t quite sure Finding ‘Ohana was inspired by The Goonies, this trailer makes it very, very clear.

So the older brother helping the younger sibling on an adventure? Goonies. He has a crush on a girl who joins their quest? Goonies. The point of view shot through the coin, the underground slides, we could go on and on. It’s all straight out of The Goonies. And guess what? We ain’t mad at it. Love or hate the film, The Goonies is a great story that’s been begging to be reimagined. And doing it in Hawaii with newly added cultural and personal stakes only ups the ante.

Oh, and though he’s not in the trailer, Ke Huy Quan is in this movie as well. Data himself! So yeah, Weng and Strain certainly wanted to take the feeling of that classic ‘80s adventure and bring it to Hawaii.

Finding ‘Ohana hits Netflix on January 29.

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As a child of the 80's this movie strikes at the heart of my nostalgia. I agree it touches on all the fantastic elements that made Goonies so great! My granddaughter (8) is excited after seeing the trailer as well. Netflix probably has another hit on it’s hands.