Netflix's Roku Box To Expand Its Horizons, Could Stream Hulu

Illustration for article titled Netflixs Roku Box To Expand Its Horizons, Could Stream Hulu

The already impressive Roku streaming box will expand its services beyond Netflix's VOD adding new "big name" content providers in the future. Roku is taking the coy approach for now, but rumors of a flash-enabled browser to stream Hulu (which now streams at 480p resolution), YouTube and the various individual network sites are both plausible and awesome.

Silicon Valley Insider thinks that Unbox support is unlikely on account of its status as a direct competitor to Netflix streaming, but TiVo supports it so I wouldn't rule it out completely, plus a $99 provider-agnostic box would fill a conspicuously empty gap in the market, and my heart. [Forbes via Silicon Valley Insider]

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Michael Scrip


> "How do you figure it's easier? Anyone with a retail DVR can record video."

Yes, the average consumer can record video with a DVR... but then what? It takes someone else with skills to edit it, compress it and upload it to Youtube. DVD ripping isn't that hard... I taught my mom how to rip and burn DVDs. I won't ever begin to teach her about H.264.

If the studios were truly worried about their work getting copied, they wouldn't ever show it to anybody!

Besides, there's only a tiny percentage of the population taking their time to record, compress and upload. There are still millions and millions of people watching regular TV.