Never Before Seen Amazon Tribe Photographed for the First Time (Updated)

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These people are part of an unknown and uncontacted Amazon tribe living in the jungle. Look at their faces arching towards the sky in wonderment, it's so...completely refreshing. Can you imagine what they're thinking about? Updated


I can't even try to imagine their situation but I'm almost jealous of them. Their complete use of the land, building houses with palm frond roofs. Their rituals, painting their body red with annatto shrub seeds. Their world, honoring their ancestors just by living like them. It's simple, and maybe at times inconvenient, but it's also peaceful and natural. Sure, maybe they're not advancing but they live.

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What are they thinking about as the overhead plane flies past them? It doesn't look like they're hostile, other pictures of uncontacted tribes show bow & arrows pointed directly at the plane. This picture catches them stunned, mouth agape, curiously pointing. Like you caught them acting, only they're not acting. I can't quite explain it, it's not exactly confusion on their faces but rather an interrupted moment mixed with a little bit of incredulity. So very amazing, nonetheless.

The pictures were taken with an overhead plane in an attempt to stop illegal logging in Peru. Kinda odd that tribal advocacy groups had to invade these tribes' privacy to protect their privacy but the groups justified it by saying:

"[It's] necessary to reaffirm that these peoples exist, so we support the use of images that prove these facts. These peoples have had their most fundamental rights, particularly their right to life, ignored … it is therefore crucial that we protect them."

Hopefully, they get protected. They look healthy and happy and that should never change. [Uncontacted Tribes via Wired]

Update: Some of you may have recognized a similar story in 2008 which was wrongfully called a hoax. It wasn't. Various publications apologized for calling it a hoax and retracted their posts. These new pictures (and additional footage) will also be featured in an upcoming episode of Human Planet, called 'Jungles', on BBC.



I Think We're Property

"Sure, maybe they're not advancing but they live."

Yes, they live- until they die at age 30, having known little joy and more than common hunger, after watching half (or more) of their children die in infacy, and having had no knowledge or life beyond a daily struggle to survive in a world that to them probably measures only 30 miles wide. Yes, how I envy them so. You know what, why do we even bother sending aid to starving African countries? They are so rich in spirit, free from iPhones and lattes! We should be asking them for aid! Spiritual aid! I mean, can't they be like one of those Wise Indian Chiefs or Magical Negroes that I see in all my favorite stories, and tell me fortune cookie wisdoms in a stilted accent until my soul is suddenly healed?

Says a person who probably doesn't even go camping, and whose idea of "roughing it" is making a cup of noodles using the coffee maker in a Motel 6. Or, if you do go camping, you go out with a collection of gear that costs more than my car, enough prepackaged food for one of these people to get by on for a month, and a helicopter full of speedy rescuers never more than a few button presses away.

The fact that the mild dissatisfaction you have with your life- born from an abundance of leisure time in which you can spend too much time thinking about it- makes you wish for some bizarre and idealized fantasy of a pure and simple life may be interesting to you, but its pretty boring to me, and oddly Luddite seeing as how this is on a technology blog.