New AT&T iPhone International Data Plans Ream You Slightly Less Hard

Illustration for article titled New ATT iPhone International Data Plans Ream You emSlightly/em Less Hard

Your current cheap options for international data from AT&T are 20MB for $24.99 or 50 MB for $59.99-ream city, though without them there's no lube at all, as Blam found out when he came back from Brazil, where AT&T's int'l roaming discounts don't apply. AT&T now has two iPhone specific plans: 100MB for $120, and 200MB for $200, a savings of $0 and $40, respectively. Still, ouch. [AT&T]


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jailbreak your iphone and put bite sms on it... then you can choose on the fly to send messages through att or through the net for about 10 cents per message... when you text people in the states use carrier option, when you text someone internationally or in canada do it through bite... works great