New Clip From Wall-E Movie Hits Intertubes

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It's been a while since we showed you a new clip of Wall-E, so it'll please you to know that over at Slashfilm they've got one, apparently shown during ABC's screening of Finding Nemo. We won't spoil it by telling you much, but there's some Eve in there too and a great demo of some Newtonian physics in action: check it out, and remember the movie's due the 27th this month. [Slashfilm]




I personally thought all of the PIXAR films in the canon were excellent, and the weakest of them all, which I feel everyone seems to unanimously agree upon is currently Cars.

For what they're worth, there's certainly been a great deal more care and thought put into the ideas and production of these films than comparable films, like the most recent schlock called Shrek the Third.

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