New, Completely Random Director In The Running To Make Predators

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Last we heard The Descent's Neil Marshall was in the running to direct the Predator reboot. But a new challenger has stepped to the plate. "Who will be the next Predator Director" needs to be a reality TV show.

So ready for this randomness, Latino Review is pointing to Nimród Antal, the director of Vacancy. Yeah I didn't remember him either. But out of the seven alleged directors in the running Antal is supposedly the number one pick. Why? No idea. I'm guessing sheer numbers, at this point.


The studio has to know that they could let just about anyone direct it, and people would still show up for it.

Best of luck to you Nimród, but know this: We Predator fans still don't think it can be done. People may show up to see this film but that doesn't mean it will be a success, people still went to Terminator Salvation, after all. The script is still supposedly based on Robert Rodriguez's original treatment.