New Details On The Aliens Who Sink Your Battleship! A Lost Star Returns! Plus Doctor Who Filming Pix!

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Today's spoilers include details of Battleship's aliens, a Tron pic, and another Lost star returning. Could Green Lantern include the comics' most controversial story? Tons of Doctor Who pics and Chuck/Caprica/FlashForward clips. Plus Captain America, Kick-Ass and Jonah Hex spoilers.



Fantastic artist Jock has been doing some concept art for this new alien-war movie, and he says the aliens are called Regents. And as you've heard already, they didn't come to Earth looking for a fight. He mentions that he's designed "head-gear" for the aliens (so obviously they have heads.) And he adds:

Pete [Berg]'s got such a great sensibility, he wants stuff to be raw and real and aggressive and frightening and hard and tough. There are different characters in the alien race that will have different service to the film, but generally they are totally new. Not really harking back to anything, but more trying to give Pete what he wants and what he's trying to achieve.


Tron Legacy:

The studio released one more image of the deserted Flynn's Arcade, and this time you can see the big sign that says "TRON" and the "TRON" machine. Ooh.

Also, the trailer includes a glimpse of a disc battle that's one of the movie's trickiest shots, says director Joseph Kosinski:

In the trailer, I can only show three seconds of it, but it's a 10-second shot, and it starts with a close-up on Sam's face and ends up 300 feet above you. Whenever you're doing a continuous camera move like that, you've got to replicate it in the real world to create that perspective. You get just a glimpse of it in that shot.



Captain America:

Actor Robert Buckley was rumored a while ago to be taking on the part of Steve Rogers. The newest permutation of this rumor is that he's actually under consideration to play Cap's sidekick, Bucky. [Screenrant]



There's a moment at the climax of this film (which isn't in the comic) that totally "breaks the fiction" of the story, and transforms it from something plausible to just another larger-than-life superhero story. It's totally unnecessary and "fudges the landing" a bit. [Platform Nation]


Jonah Hex:

Michael Shannon describes his character in this film:

I play a fellow named Doc Cross Williams," said Shannon. "In the comic book, or graphic novel, he's kind of one of those old vaudevillian... He has a traveling show where he has cock fights and dog fights and strange creatures, and he's a snake-oil kind of guy.



Green Lantern:

The film hasn't started shooting yet, but a street in New Orleans was closed for test shots involving a car stunt. Which has people wondering if the Emerald Dawn storyline where Hal Jordan is a drunk driver will be included. (The script I read had the villain of ED, Legion, but no drunk driving. It seems unlikely that the film would toss that in, since nobody likes that, including the people who originally wrote it. So, you know, grain of salt and all that.) [ via MTV]


Also, this film, as well as Zack Snyder's "fantasy action" film Sucker Punch, will be in 3-D. Because, you know, Avatar. [Slashfilm]

Toy Story 3:

The final poster for this movie shows off all of the old and new toys together. [CinemaBlend]


Doctor Who:

So the current story is indeed the one guest-starring comedian James Corden. And it's looking like it's definitely "The Lodger," based on the comic strip where the Doctor has to live a normal life on Earth while waiting for the TARDIS to show up again. (So pretty much no Amy in this story, as she's in the TARDIS.) Corden's girlfriend, running out of the house with him and Smith, appears to be Daisy Haggard. And behold Matt Smith playing soccer. Photos by the amazing Alun_Vega. [BlogtorWho]


Even more filming reports! At one point, Corden (I think) is heard to exclaim, "Did you see that? The whole top floor just vanished!" There's a theory that the loft of the house has a monster in it. And there's a scene where the Doctor tries to wheel a shopping cart full of junk into the house, without disturbing his "roommate." The popular theory is that the Doctor is using the junk to build an auxillary TARDIS console, to bring the TARDIS back. (And this could be how the show uses the "alternate TARDIS console" designed by the winner of a competition on children's program Blue Peter.) Also someone overheard something cryptic about Amy piloting the TARDIS to catch a fish. (?) Awesome photos by Brain_Damage. [GallifreyBase]

Also, new companion Karen Gillan did a photoshoot for InStyle Magazine — it's really not anything to do with the show per se, but I guess they're akin to promo pics. In any case, here are a couple of the photos. [Daily Mail]



The clip of James Marsters' barbed wire fetish that we linked to the other day is now embeddable:


Marsters explains Barnabus' conflict with fellow monotheist Clarice: "She's too much of a pacifist. She's like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and I'm like Malcolm X." Barnabus is "very visceral but he's very intelligent at the same time. He's very passionate about the cause he has. He lost a loved one to decadence, and he wants to help change the world." [USA Weekend]


This show returns March 18, and here are a few sneak peeks.

Plus an Australian promo:


Some sneak peeks from Monday's episode, "Chuck Vs. The Beard". [SpoilerTV]

And here are some promo photos from "Chuck Vs. The Beard." [SpoilerTV]


As you'd gathered, L.A. Ben will be schooling us on European history next week — but meanwhile, Island Ben will be taking a beating once again. And this time, it's coming from someone grieving a very personal loss. (Like the loss of her father, Jacob?) [People]


I missed this the other day — apparently it's true that Smokey is "evil incarnate," and he can't kill a "candidate." And the stakes of the Jacob-MIB battle are ultra-high — Jacob is fighting to save the entire world. [E! Online]

Screw Gangsta Keamy — the Lostie we're waiting to see again is finally coming back. Ana-Lucia is appearing in at least one episode towards the end of the season, and maybe more than one. Let's hope it's a real comeback and not just a brief "She's Sawyer's florist" L.A.-verse cameo. [EW]


Additional reporting by Josh C. Snyder.



Matt Smith playing soccer. So can he actually run a little bit? David Tennant was not carrying any excess weight, and yet I cringed every time I saw him do a running sequence in Doctor Who. Tennant was a track coach's nightmare.