New Eton Radios, Too Pretty to Play? Hope Not.

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No doubt Eton makes some gorgeous electronics. Its Porsche radios, which always look as good as they work, are obviously made with the same care to design as to engineering. This year at CES, the company is showing a few things. Its et n E1 XM combines four radio technologies—AM/FM/Shortwave/XM Satellite radio—resulting in a stunning-looking, full-sized, all-in-one portable world radio. It's got a 5.7 inch backlit dot-matrix display, 1700 station presets (thanks XM), and five tuning methods to make it as easy to use as it is pretty. No pricing on this product as of yet.
The ego 4000 Plus is a CD/MP3/AM/FM travel clock radio (love the name, by the way) with removable speaker boxes that can be stored in the gadget's lid and deployed anywhere, making it the best portable stereo and travel clock I've ever heard of. Also includes electronic skip protection, dual alarms, and sleep timer. Retails for $150.

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Finally, the Ovation music system is an 80 watt CD/AM/FM compact sound system which incorporates three active loudspeakers including subwoofer, each powered with its own amplifier. It includes a customizable eight-color LCD screen and alarm with snooze, timer, and nap functions. Retails for $500.

et n Receives Three CES Innovation Awards
E1 XM, CD-ego 4000 Plus, and Ovation radios honored for design and engineering [Eton]

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