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New Favorite Theory: All Of Kyle MacLachlan's Roles Are The Same Person!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Nowadays everything is trying to be a shared universe mega-franchise to get some sweet Avengers level money. But what if there was a fan favorite crossover franchise spanning every genre, that you’ve already been watching for decades? We’re speaking, of course, of the unified Kyle MacLachlan Universe. Update: MacLachlan responds!

With the prophesied return of Twin Peaks on the horizon, national treasure Kyle MacLachlan is having a nerd renaissance in his career. His unbridled enthusiasm for devouring all the scenery as Dr. Cal “Mr. Hyde” Zabo on Agents of SHIELD is one of the key reasons its second season has been much more enjoyable than its frustrating first. J. Koby proposed the following MacLachlan mind-frell in the comments section of The Mary Sue’s recap of the
episode “One of Us” (you remember, the one where it countered The Flash’s weather manipulation and time travel with ... some lady with X-Acto blades screwed into her fingers?):

New SpyDaddy theory. His life between losing his wife and Daisy, and when he appears on the show:

First, he went on a complete bender. He took every drug he could get his hand on. He got so wasted, that he hallucinated that he was in space. He thought he was Paul Atreides, on the planet Arrakis, fighting for spice.

Once he cleaned himself up, he wanted to focus on bettering the world. He decided to use his skills to solve crimes. His first case involves a severed ear found in a field. He moves on to investigate the death of Laura Palmer. But at the end of that investigation, he seemed...darker. Almost soulless. He no longer wanted to do good for other people.

This immediate clash of personality immediately sent him back to drugs, where he could hallucinate his greatest fantasies. He imagined himself in his favorite show as a child, the Flintstones, but in a place of power, as Fred’s boss. He also imagined himself humiliating a stripper, but using his power to make her famous. Having continuously imagining himself in power, he was now ready to search for it in the real world.

He thought that to move forward, he had to erase his past. So first, he needed to find a woman to be with. He moved to New York, where he met Charlotte York. He got married to her, but constantly remembering his old life, he was unable to maintain a sexual relationship, until they divorced. Moving on, he moved to a town called Fairview, where he met a woman named Bree Van de Kamp. But getting further into a relationship, and getting married again, his psychosis started to show through more. When she left him, he faked paralysis of his legs, stalked her, and threatening her, before leaving town.

He moved back to New York, where he married a woman he never really loved, named Zoey Pierson. The marriage didn’t last, but he tried to stay away from his more psychotic behaviors. He buried himself in his love of the sea and sailing. He started to make it big on the art market, with help of his art consultant, Lily Aldrin. After moving to Rome, Lily soon had a daughter, who she named Daisy. Hearing that name again sent him into a tail spin. He then finally decided it was time to find his daughter.

Which brings us to where he entered Agents of SHIELD.

...he was also the mayor of Portland.

Wait a minute ... wait a minute. You know, this is, excuse me, a damn fine fan theory!


Update: MacLachlan himself has responded... and he doesn’t seem to be ruling this out: