New Firefly Anthology Will Stir Your Broken Heart All Over Again

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Titan Books is putting out an anthology of original Firefly stories, and Jane Espenson is writing one of them — a 2,000-word tale about Kaylee and Wash. (So, presumably, not all of the stories take place after the movie.) No clue yet who's writing the other stories — but any new Firefly is better than the drought we've been enduring, even if it's not the deluge we deserve. In other Joss Whedon news, he addressed the controversy over the identity of Buffy The Vampire Slayer's new Big Bad (which is a huge spoiler, in case you're avoiding those.) And finally, I don't think we ever reported officially that Whedon's pomo horror movie Cabin In The Woods, a collaboration with Drew Goddard, was delayed from next month to January 2011 — but it was, reportedly to allow for converting it to 3-D.