Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Venom: Let There Be Carnage has been pushed back once again and is now scheduled for a September 17, 2021 release date. [Bloody-Disgusting]


Godzilla vs. Kong

A newly-revealed Funko Pop figurine gives us a look at Mechagodzilla’s appearance in Godzilla vs Kong.


Nerdist also has a look at other toys of Mechagodzilla, for a less chibi-fied look at the design.

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Mortal Kombat

In conversation with Bloody-Disgusting, Mortal Kombat producer Todd Garner stated four-armed warrior Goro is “extremely integral to the plot.”

He’s extremely integral to the plot. He is a beloved character. He’s awesome. He’s obviously somebody that I would love to have in every movie. He’s also really expensive. Not going to lie. He’s really expensive. So again, if somebody wants to give me a billion dollars to go make a Goro movie, I’ll make a Goro movie. I’ll love that. Every second of him is a lot of money. Every second was like my house. So you got to use him sparingly, you got to be smart about how you use him. It’s not that we don’t love him, it’s not that he’s not hugely important. It’s just practically, he’s so damn expensive. So what we did is we knew that. You know that he’s expensive, you know that he’s beloved, you know he has to be in the movie, and you can’t just have him come in and just… It’s not like Indiana Jones where he comes in with two knives and you shoot him. You can’t do that. That’s no good. We had to figure out a real reason for him to be in the movie.


Arlo the Alligator Boy

Netflix has released a trailer for Arlo the Alligator Boy, an animated musical about a half-man, half-gator hybrid searching for his father in New York City.

Jakob’s Wife

Barbara Crampton plays a newly-minted vampire married to Larry Fessenden in the trailer for Jakob’s Wife, coming to VOD April 16.

Beacon 23

Game of Thrones star Lena Headey has been cast as the lead character, Aster, in Beacon 23— the upcoming series based on Hugh Howey’s 2015 sci-fi novel. The series follows Aster (Headley) who “mysteriously finds her way to Halan, a lonely beacon keeper, on his lighthouse in the darkest recesses of space.” Shortly after, “a tense battle of wills unfolds as Halan questions whether Aster is friend or foe.” [TV Line]


Monsters at Work

Mindy Kaling will lend her voice to Val Little, “an enthusiastic member of the Monsters, Inc. Facilities Team” in the upcoming animated series at Disney+. Bonnie Hunt will reprise her role as Ms. Flint in the series, as well.


Resident Alien

Good news—Resident Alien has been renewed for a second season at Syfy! [TV Line]

The Man Who Fell to Earth

The upcoming Man Who Fell to Earth TV series starring Chiwetel Ejiofor has moved from Paramount+ to Showtime. [Deadline]



Paget Brewster’s Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law character, Birdgirl, gets her own spinoff series beginning April 4 on Adult Swim.


Betty takes a stand against a serial killer in the trailer for next week’s episode, “Destroyer.

Nancy Drew

Finally, Nancy Drew teams up with Gil Bobbsey in the trailer for next week’s episode, “The Bargain of the Blood Shroud.

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