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New Hints About What Mulder And Scully Are Searching For

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If X-Files: I Want To Believe does as well as everyone's hoping, you can expect to see a third movie about the paranomal-investigating FBI agents in two or three years, writer/producer Frank Spotnitz told a crowd at the LA Film Festival yesterday. Too bad the general public is barely aware of the movie's existence so far, thanks to a lackluster marketing campaign. But by the July 25 release date, "everyone will know about this movie," Spotnitz said. Meanwhile, the writers and stars dropped a few new spoilers, and showed some mildly spoilery footage. Update: Click through for a few new stills.


In the footage shown, a guy gets hit in the face with a trowel and buried in the snow. Then Billy Connolly's psychic priest finds him buried. And that's when Mulder and Scully get involved. Scully tells Mulder, "This isn't my life any more." He walks away from her and mutters, "I'm trying to ignore you." Mulder also insists he's still looking for his long-lost sister Samantha, and doesn't believe she's dead.


Also, Spotnitz told the crowd that "shippers will be happy" with the movie, presumably meaning there'll be some Mulder/Scully lovings. And some of your questions will be answered, said writer/director Chris Carter. Finally, Mulder actor David Duchovny said he and Scully actor Gillian Anderson had some conflicts over how they were playing their characters, which "keeps it interesting."

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