New iPhones May Go From 4GB to 32GB, Source Claims

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As I said, leaks are increasing as we approach WWDC '09. Engadget now says that a "trusted source" claims 4, 8, 16, and 32GB iPhones. "If true," Chris says, "this would lend credence to the belief that Apple will be introducing at least two new models this summer."


Engadget's trusted source claims that the iPhones have been approved by the PCS Type Review Certification Board, which certifies models for use with some carriers. Chris points out that this may open the way for a sub-$100 model.

We will know about how much truth there is in this and other rumors soon enough. [Engadget—Thanks Runaway Girl]


So those of us that were hoping Apple will release one iPhone where the memory can be upgraded by the end user, the battery can be swapped out, an internal FM receiver can be added, it can be used on any carrier, and the user can put as many buttons on it as they want, we are bound to be disappointed, right? That's what I figured.

(I was sort of disappointed to read 32gb in the post after seeing 34gb in the headline. Then again, it is a little like releasing an amplifier that can go up to "11", I suppose.)