New Jersey Couple Sues Landlord...Over a Ghost

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It's time to have a little fun. I'm opening this one up to the court of public opinion. Leave your verdict in the comments, please!

The Case:

During their first week in the rented house, the couple came home to find clothes and towels strewn about, woke to doors slamming and lights flickering, and would sometimes hear footsteps when everyone was in bed. Skipping the obvious first explanations for this—raccoons, vagrants—they decided the house must be haunted!


The Evidence:

The co-founder of the paranormal investigators agency hired by the couple claims their is more evidence of haunting in their house than in any other she'd ever seen. A church pastor brought onto the premises suggested it was haunted by demons.


The Defense:

The landlord, who has been renting out the property for many years, claims no other past tenants made any mention of paranormal activity. He believes the couple is simply trying to find a way to break their lease without losing the $2,250 security deposit.


The lease agreement does not include a "haunting clause," so this will be up to the judge to decide. What do YOU think should happen?

[Neatorama via The Week - Image via AlexSkopje/Shutterstock]